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On Target...

Do you know what you want ?

Sometime you need a little help to focus on your website deliverables.  We can quickly help you size up a new website project and get things in motion.  

If you have a clear design in mind, we can dig in and start building a site with all that you envision.

If you need clarity, we can facilitate your team to define the website specifications.

Think Process

Itcetera's roots are embedded in process-focused thinking.   

Itcetera founder, Wayne Schaaf, has a solid foundation from the U of M Industrial and Operations Engineering program and extensive corporate experience.

He naturally gets "process."
He can absorb your unique operations quickly and then find better ways to get things done. 

What's Fresh ?

This site was built with NEW, Powerful, User-friendly Drupal 8!

Over three years in the making, this latest version for Drupal packs over 200 improvements and after our first "taste," it is well worth the wait. 

If you have a Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 site that you want to upgrade to Drupal 8, contact us to discuss what you can do now.

Website Mirror

Does your current website reflect you?

You have seconds to grad someone's attention on a website.

If your current website does not instantly reflect that you are professional, up-to-date, mobile-focused, and organized, its time for an update or major redesign.

Contact us today.