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Facebook Business Page Development

WHY You Need a Facebook Business Page

Your Organization Needs a Facebook Business page NOW!

Having a Business Page on Facebook is now a "given" for any small or large organization. 

But simply having a page "out there" with the standard "wall," "info," and typically empty "photo" and "discussion" tabs is not enough.  They may have been a good starting point for a personal page but not for a business page.

You need a custom graphic Landing page that is designed to attract new leads that "LIKE" your page and want to learn more about your organization.

You also want a page (tab) that is 'keyword rich" that give visitors valuable information about your business AND ALSO helps Search Engines, like Google, find your business specialty.

Five Reasons to Have a Custom Facebook Business Page

Itcetera now offers a "Starter Package" to build these two two critical pages for just $375.   Additional "value-added" pages can then be added to the package for $97 per page.   

1. If done right, Facebook Business pages, will engage people using focused copy, graphics, and even video.

2. Your Facebook Business page can permit you to "Publish to Stream" that can provide Facebook-updated content to your business website.  

3. Business pages can provide direct links to your business website and at the same time improve your Search Engine placement on Google, etc.

4. A Facebook Business page provides a "social reach" that your business website or blog does not likely provide.

5. Your Facebook page has built-in statistics you can view to gage what posted messages generate the most comments and "LIKE"s. 

Facebook Facts

Of the 500 million active users on Facebook, the average user spends more than 55 minute per day on Facebook.

The 65 million Facebook users that connect to Facebook using their mobile device are 50% more active on Facebook than non-mobile users.

Of the 700,000 plus businesses with active Facebook pages that have received over 5.3 billion "LIKE"s."

HOW We Can Help You 

See Itcetera's Business Page on Facebook as an example.

Itcetera handles the technical coding to create an engaging professional looking "welcome" page for your Business page.  We can add keyword-rich content in custom tabs.  We can incorporate your blog into your Facebook page.  We can even create an embedded video slide show to present you business to your Facebook viewers.  

We help you make a great first impression to anyone Facebook member that is attracted to your Business page to help your business stand out from the crowd.

 Contact Itcetera for more information.   Packages start  at $375.