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Top 5 Cool New Things Using CSS3

Top 5 Cool New Things Using CSS3

CSS3 is the latest site styling standard that provides new capabilities to add new touches of styling that previously required using "photoshopped graphics" and other tricks to pull off.

Here are the Top Five new capabilities using CSS3:

  1. Boxes and Borders - You can add drop shadows and rounded corners, plus user reasizable content boxes and overflow in vertical and horizontal directions.  Borders can have multiple border colors and border images.
  2. Backgrounds - You can have multiple background with more preceised positioning, applying resizing and opacity to backgrounds.
  3. Web Fonts - You can link to special fonts to use in your site design and add text shadows and text wrapping.
  4. Colors and Opacilty - You can add transparentcy to elements and gradients to backgrounds.
  5. Transformations - You can scales, move, twist, and rotate images in 3D space.

Not all browsers support these features yet - that will take time.  The trick is to design with them NOW - so some viewers will get the improved experience NOW - rather than wait until LATER when every browser supports all the features.  Basicaly, be pro-active!